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Customer Relationship Management

Do you need superior customer support?
Do you need CRM tools for sales-force automation?
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Customer Relationship Management is a term that assign to strategies, technologies and practices that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions with the goal of correcting business relationships with driving sales growth, customers and auxiliary in customer retention. The system can also give facing staff detailed information on buying preferences, personal information and buying preferences. Customer Relationship Management includes telephone, live chat, direct mail, social media, company website and marketing materials.

Kietron IT Services helps the Customer Relationship Management sector to:

  • East To Start
  • Flexible Solution
  • Succeed With Your CRM-Project
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Online Survey and Call Center Tools
  • E-Marketing

Kietron IT Services - Customer Relationship Management Solutions:

  • Customer Service and Support
  • Channel Service
  • Service Contract Management
  • Warranty and Claim Management
  • Installed-Base Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Integration and Management
  • Data and Analytics
  • Productivity

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