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Customer Relationship Management

CRM is a term that assign to strategies, technologies and practices that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions with the goal of correcting business relationships with driving sales growth, customers and auxiliary in customer retention.

Why Customer Relationship Management

Improves customer satisfaction

CRM keeps track of all business points of contact, including your website, telephone, live chat direct mailings, social media, and all other marketing materials. This enriched customer relationship drives sales growth.

Automates analytics and reporting

CRM automates the process of information gathering and produces actionable data through highly informative reporting methods, it allows users to quickly get the information they need without having to comb through large amounts of data.

Contributes to focused marketing efforts

This allows your marketing and sales departments to specifically target customer demand and focus marketing strategies to meet that demand. This increased focus saves time and money.


CRM Integration

Connect to your customers in a whole new way. Build more meaningful and lasting relationships - better understand their needs, identify new opportunities to help, address any problems faster and deploy customer-focused apps lightning fast. With a single view of every customer interaction you can sell, service and market like never before.

Customer Relationship Management Services

Customer Relationship Management solutions leverage techniques like predictive modelling, gathering intelligent insights through forecasting, data mining, and text mining to put the customer at the center of everything. We help our clients accelerate their CRM transformation initiatives to increase sales, boost productivity and improve customer service - while reducing operational cost and increasing time-to-market.


Customer Relationship Management Advisory
Strategic CRM Consulting including strategy, evaluating readiness, business requirements discovery, software selection and user adoption support.

  • CRM Strategy: Executive Business Reviews
  • Business Requirement Sessions
  • Business Process Alignment
  • Software Selection
  • Business/CRM User Adoption Assessments

Customer Relationship Management Services
Flexible, end-to-end support services to reduce ongoing cost of ownership and improve user experience.

  • End User Help desk Support
  • Administration, customizations and new functionality
  • Remote, on-site, or onshore/offshore hybrid support
  • Custom Development and Testing Services
  • Performance Management


Benifites of Customer Relationship Management
Help in all aspects of a business' dealings with its customers and provide a streamlined approach to delivering relevant information as and when required.

  • Improved ability to cross-sell
  • Insights for better decisions
  • Better internal communication
  • Increase sales opportunities & team colloration
  • Profile customers easily
  • Collect data fast & Cost savings