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What is Salesforce development?

Salesforce development is a well-known CRM (customer relationship management) platform. By using salesforce, the data you recover through software, is complete, accurate and meets both requirements i.e. quality and quantity. When you worked on salesforce platform, you can focus on each independent account with all necessary information of clients, which will beneficial for the growth of your company. In simple words, it is a software program to record each transaction, manage, customization and evaluate client interaction through this cloud-based sale pipeline software. All government and nonprofit organizations follow salesforce system because it has many surprising benefits.

Salesforce development cycle

Why you should choose salesforce platform:

1. Save time:

It saves the time of your organization because it handles multiple tasks like sending an email, viewing LinkedIn accounts, etc. through your Salesforce cloud CRM. With spending less time on data handling, you can spend more time on your client for more success.

2. Mobile friendly approach :

It is mobile friendly, responsive and you can run your whole business from your mobile phone. In this approach, you can do smart search in few seconds, real time views of sales, marketing and trade performances, through notification center to see approval request and urgent posts.

3. Sale figures with a tap:

It gives you a detailed view of your task, meeting and business performance, so you can easily see all the reports of sale figure with a tap.

4. Highly conversion rate:

In Sales productivity, you have full control on leads and all the urgent information of new and existing leads at the top of your list, so you can convert them easily.

5. Automated CRM system:

Salesforce automation is a modernized software in which you can keep sale process and management in well-organized system. It takes care of all detail information of your client and reduce the burden of small tasks from the shoulder of your employees.

6. CRM system is efficient for multiple teams :

Multiple teams can access same information in one accessible place. Team can share valuable statistics about clients to get the desired result of sale. With the help of teamwork, you can improve the overall growth of your business.

7. Analytical data and reporting:

Easily integration of tools and all required plugins, you can easily generate automatic reports for all needed information such as sale goals, performance records, client information. With the ease of all reporting data, you can take future decision in long run profitability and client loyalty.

8. Customer satisfaction:

CRM means a happier customer because it facilitates ease of communication, systematic facts about data, better client services. In any trade, client is an important part of your trade and keeps satisfy the client should be your first goal. So, invest in a quality CRM tool for their client satisfaction.

9. Secure and scalable platform:

In this CRM based solution, you can build your enterprise on a single platform which is more reliable and scalable. This salesforce platform is easy to customize, upgrade without any interference and extend your service or market with pre-integrated apps on AppExchange.

10. Easy Accessibility:

Salesforce is a cloud-based system and it is available at every place, where you have internet accessibility. There is no need of local server to keep your data records. It is also a mobile based platform and you can stay in touch with your team at everywhere, whenever you want.

Our salesforce web developers offer following services :

We are Chandigarh and VANCOUVER based company and delivered 67 high quality Salesforce Projects in last year, with 19 deliveries in less than one month. We have 22 salesforce certified developers (DEV 401) on our team and we have implemented all aspect of in our previous project i.e. - Sales cloud, Service cloud, Custom Implementation, Integrations, Data Load, Portals, Force.Site and AppExchange Tools. We also specialize in Corporate solutions (Weblogic OAM/OIM/UCM/SES/Spaces/Collaboration/Discussion, WebSphere /portal/process/dmgr/ihs, Tivoli LDAP, Verita storage/cluster), Apex and Oracle Identity Manager. Our salesforce developer expertise works on all small and large businesses, they provide you all information regarding tracking of all sales, customization, data migration and integration services, etc. Our highly qualified salesforce developers give full customer support on your salesforce projects and offer following services to their clients.

Salesforce services

1. CRM Consulting and customization services:

Our global experienced salesforce developers follow a diligent approach to review your trade process and give best solution to get success. In our consulting services include marketing, future vision to improve sale figure, client's services requirement, etc. We have extensive experience in retailing, banking, healthcare, IT field, finance, telecommunication and manufacturing area, etc. We also offer customization service with required coding and Kietroninfotech gives you full consulting and customization service to your enterprise.

2. Implementation & Custom development:

Our salesforce developer provides implementation and custom services to the client. If there is any requirement of migration from another platform into salesforce or you are thinking to implement salesforce solution into an existing system, kietroninfotech is best fit for you. We scrutinize all requirements and needs of the trade and gives an excellent proposal with full salesforce capabilities. We can easily integrate with different enterprise modal and provides accurate report and analytics to the users.

3. Integration & salesforce development :

kietron infotech has pride on its team of salesforce developers who always give excellent solution for quality, developing, optimizing, managing application with our excellent services. Our integration services are secure and scalable. We can easily integrate salesforce with another more complex system, give 360-degree customer view, deliver a consistent client experience and also develop both custom integration module and tune integration apps from AppExchange. We provide ERP integration, retailing automation software integration, social media integration, accounting integration, ecommerce integration, API, data exchange and others.

4. Salesforce Support Services:

Kietron infotech is one of the most experienced company and we have completed more than 4000 projects in salesforce platform. Our salesforce developer is able to integrate all features of salesforce to give best solution, quick process, easy management, mobile friendly features and flexibility for your enterprise. Our salesforce support and management services like user management, data security management, are always available at 24/7 working hour.

5. Salesforce Custom Application Development:

We have an efficient project management team for developing custom development. We can easily develop an amazing application with all required features, reliable, responsive and bug free code. Our salesforce developer fulfills all client's needs for improving sale figure, retailing and client service processes.

6. Salesforce Migration:

Our salesforce developer offers salesforce migration services with accuracy, standardization, data redundancy, importing data, data extraction into salesforce solution without any data loss of an existing data.

7. Salesforce AppExchange:

In salesforce AppExchange marketplace, there are thousand plus applications which is building by other developer, salesforce clients and partners. Many applications are free and some are paid. All these applications are pre-integrated with salesforce solutions, which is easily enable and add functionality to an existing project. It provides standard apps and you can customize it according to your need.

Salesforce Integration with Third-party Solutions:

Nowadays, if you want to grow your trade, salesforce integration with third-party solution is a vital part of an IT business. Most commonly integration such as Email Syncing and Campaigning integrations, Accounting and Marketing Automation integrations. Our salesforce developer assists you the optimal integration solution and attains your enterprise goals.

Integration using tools:

In salesforce, when you collect data from other systems, Integrations tools allow you to share important data to any other users in your organization. With integration tools, you can easily access any information at any time, whenever you want. The starting step in successful salesforce integration needs all necessary business requirements. Our salesforce developer takes it as a challenge and understands your enterprise requirement through process analysis. Some of the most popular integration tools such as Mulesoft, Rapidionline, Dell Boomi, Jitterbit, Orbis, etc. All these most dynamics data integration tools are simple, robust, scalable and flexible. Our salesforce developer's experts give an ongoing support to all these integration tools for larger and fast-growing businesses.

Custom integration:

When your salesforce integration is ready and setup, our next step is custom integration. Our experts can easily create and add their own custom tools which is not available in integration catalog. Our certified experts analyze your enterprise model and give opportunities to enhance your enterprise level.

API development:

In Kietron infotech, expert consultants are specializing in all type of salesforce API development and give support to integrate apps and solutions through API's. We use REST/SOAP API web services, different default tools and custom tools to improve the overall growth of your trade. API development is simpler and more focus on sending and fetching data from salesforce.

Integration app development:

Our certified expert developers easily deliver mobile platform with accurate code, unique combination of metadata, pre-integrated apps and trade services. With right strategy, your project should be cost effective, fast, scalable, easy to manage, update and flexible. Kietron infotech team has vast amount of experience in all types of technologies and platform. Our certified salesforce programmers team specialize in Salesforce Administration, DB Design, Maintenance, Upgrade and Migration.

Salesforce Lightning Application Customization:

Lightning platform is a platform as a service (PaaS) and also known as It is upgradation or more development in salesforce platform with collection of some lightning tools. It allows to build add-on application and integrate with In this, we use declarative tools, Apex, java programming, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and many other web codes to build website and apps that integrate with Our developers easily customization or brand your app with a custom color, logo, app launcher, lightning component tabs, visual force tabs and even also include a utility bar and lightning page tabs into your lightning platform. Lightning platform has many benefits such as beautiful user interface, fast, better performance, event driven architecture, responsive design, cross browsability and more user interactive. We are here to increase trade productivity, to enhance client relationship by using lightning platform with minimum code as per user requirement. We can easily migration from classic app to lightning platform without any harm to an existing project.


In conclusion, it has different cloud platform such as commerce, analytics, IoT, health, chatter, community, marketing, commerce and many more. With these platforms, companies have ability to connect with customers and their journey, track contacts, analyzing performance, tracking sale and in community cloud you can direct interaction with their clients. Companies that follow salesforce software, definitely to see an average rise in different area such as rise in sale revenue, rise in consumer satisfaction, faster deployment, customer retention and lead conversion rate.

Salesforce Support Prices & Timeline

That Scales With Your Requirements

  • Quickly implement and
  • configure Salesforce
  • CRM with certified
  • Salesforce Admins.
  • Perform complex
  • migrations and strategic
  • enhancements. Set up
  • dashboards and reports
  • to empower you to
  • understand your
  • business.
  • Starting at $1500.
  • Get More out of
  • Salesforce. Perform
  • audit of current usage
  • and provide
  • recommendation on
  • how to improve on
  • under-utilized and
  • under-performing
  • aspects of your
  • Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Starting at $500.
  • Deploy Salesforce
  • AppExchange apps with
  • experienced experts.
  • Deliver comprehensive
  • roadmap of integration
  • proccess and identify
  • best way to transform
  • your CRM into your
  • most valuable asset.
  • Starting at $1000.
  • Optimize your CRM
  • database by performing
  • field and record audit.
  • Remove duplicates,
  • merge records,
  • streamline field usage,
  • and clean unreliable
  • data.
  • Starting at $800.

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