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Insurance Software

In today’s world of increased interconnectivity and technological dependence, insurers are looking for new ways to harness untapped economic value via various forms of business process automation. Finding and implementing the right type of insurance software can help insurance carriers drive sales, reduce expenses, improve underwriting consistency, and enhance the entire customer experience.

The integration platform for insurance

Modernize aging systems

Refresh and extend legacy applications with an agility layer for the future.

Improve predictive analytics

Deepen customer relationships with timely and comprehensive information.

Extend distribution channels

Transform the customer experience and secure competitive advantage.

Insurance Services

The number one priority for insurance carriers today is profitable growth within the digital landscape. One of the most effective ways to stimulate growth is through the use of innovative technologies.

Management Services


Online Interfaces


Insurance Software Benefits

Insurance software has significantly raised the productivity of many companies as it helps to reduce operational costs and improves customer service. It has been one key factor in driving the insurance industry forward to what it is today. The insurance software applications are designed to resolve complex activities and tasks.


This allows for ‘execution only complete purchases’, if required. Effectively, reducing the costs of not having three separate systems, and gives a complete end to end solution.

Scalable flexibility
Our platform can be tailored if required for each and every client. This means that our systems work around your business, instead of your business working around our systems.


Automation can allow your clients to generate quotes and purchase policies without any interactions with your sales team. If you prefer the face to face / telephone approach then our systems can also help generate the paperwork, quote and process a quote right through to and including renewal.

We have therefore, developed a number of built-in tools to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the data inputs. These include audit systems, QA systems, to smaller modules like bank account checkers, postcode to address converters and payment verification systems.


Our compliance module allows you to track what each broker and staff member is doing. You can create compliance completion check lists to ensure a case progresses correctly at every stage. The system retains full document history - everything sent out or received can be stored on the system.

Cloud based Saas (software as a service)
All our solutions are web based. As one of the fore-runners in cloud based technology we have developed a completely web based integrated solution, which is flexible and adoptable to match virtually any size of business. We also offer hosting at secure data-centres. Some clients prefer to host their own systems.