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What is WordPress development?

WordPress is the world's most popular tool for creating any style of website with follow free online tools. It is an open source content management system and often called self-hosted WordPress because you can easily install it on a web server like or and create an excellent web development platform for a variety of websites. It is the most popular blogging system which allows customizing, refurbish(update) and administrate the website from its back end. WordPress's users also switch amid different themes and offers advanced WordPress plugin and themes to enhance the look and functionality of the websites without modifying the core coding and website content. In simple words we can say that WordPress theme is the combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP. There are tremendous resources of WordPress quick solutions at your problems through online, follow these standards structure of code and semantics, you will get well-designed website in few minutes. It is user-friendly approach and based on PHP and MySQL. When the WordPress came into the market, it was just a simple blogging platform but now it has become more popular CMS in the market, in more advanced terms it is called a content management system (CMS).


If you read this article, you will come to know that and are the perfect tool for any small business to create their own dynamic website on online in few minutes with all require WordPress plugins and themes. For customization, allows you to limit number of themes and plugins whereas provides you plenty of themes and plugin in WordPress development. Anyone with some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS can follow WordPress tools to develop amazing and advancing web development in WordPress. There are thousands of premium and free online WordPress themes and plugins available for making WordPress websites and you can easily set up an online store with these available tools. Today's WooCommerce is very popular and free an e-commerce plugin available to set up an online store in WordPress. If you are beginner in theme development, WordPress starter themes help you to make their own style new theme. WordPress starter theme is a blank theme without basic layout with minimum design. In the standards structure of WordPress developers theme, need of code to display post, single post, comment section and archive page. There are some starter WordPress themes like Sage, FoundationPress, UnderStrap, Generic, BlankSlate, Cornerstone, etc. For making the whole WordPress website structure means that you will combine custom code, UI/UX design, widgets, theme, WordPress plugins, fast and secure WordPress hosting to build a sole website according to the project requirements of the user. In WordPress, you can build different kind of websites like :


Personal / Blogs websites:

Presently, building personal website is pretty much easy for everyone without knowledge of web hosting or coding experience. There is a lot of spaces on the internet for those people who want to share their new ideas and thoughts to the global viewers. To achieve their goal, you should build their personal WordPress blog. WordPress Blogs are economical and super effective way for making website. WordPress is the most popular blogging and CMS platform to design WordPress plugins and themes for websites. Creating a blog on WordPress is a quick and easy approach and you can easily set up a free or a self-hosted WordPress blog or personal website with the help of


Business websites

If you are a small association owner, you need a professionally designed website which meets the customer’s expectations. Now these days, majority of the clients has started search online before purchasing the product online. In this case, if you do not have a website, you are not getting the new customers or profit for your business growth. In conclusion, every corporation needs a website. So, WordPress development is good for your business and blog website. WordPress development is a full featured web content management system, which means you can manage your whole website.


Ecommerce store

Today's people spend their money more on purchasing product online. When you will sell your products through online, you would get rid of all those obstacles which endure by physical store. It is easy to make your own e-commerce website with the help of website building tools and started selling products online. For selling products on a website, you need to pay small things like Web hosting, marketing and may need to recruit some employees but it depends upon the size of the e-commerce store that you are running. Before building your store, you need to secure your domain name and web hosting services like GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator, etc. If an entrepreneur stays offline then you are not able to get those profit from these online markets.



WordPress is the best way for developing online portfolio. Portfolio is just like a showcase, in which you can choose variety of beautiful unique portfolio design according to your profession whether you are a web designer, photographer or visual artist. In this showcase, you can easily get a presentable website within few hours. By using these premade WordPress theme and plugins, you can make an amazing web development in your field.



Forum is one of the most popular WordPress plugins, easy to add this plugin into your website. Using bbPress plugin, you can easily create a forum in WordPress. In general, forum is the best way to create unique content and customer support services on your product. Viewers come to your website to read the latest forum posts and give feedback and rank to your website which helps in google indexing.


Membership Sites

In WordPress, anyone can build their own membership website with little knowledge of technical skills. There are a lot of memberships plugin with specific features for creating membership website. In this, you can charge the visitors to access the certain area or premium content on your site. Membership sites are well-known and popular among people to make money online. Visitors always ready to pay for premium content and getting engage to your website.

Who is WordPress developer?

A WordPress developer have full knowledge of technical code of languages like HTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL, etc. which helps in the quality of website and with unique and latest features. Developers are also familiar with the core code functionality of all custom WordPress plugins, themes, customization, library of templates, modules for WordPress which is easily handled by them, and they work properly in all environment. A developer takes care of all related work to the website with the help of core code and can change the look and feel of the website. In a nutshell, WordPress developer is responsible for the overall appearance and behavior of the website. To become a WordPress developer expert, you should also learn other high level of standards structures of WordPress development i.e.

  • Knowledge of all others RESTful APIs, JSON, XML.
  • Good understanding of PHP development Coding.
  • Various debugging tools like Chrome console, Firebug, Debugger, Theme check
  • Developing responsive design development.
  • Understanding of code versioning tools such as Git, SVN, Mercurial.

WordPress development provides many opportunities :

WordPress offers various types of WordPress product and services to the customers. If you are not expert in developing website then you can offer WordPress hosting, support and maintenance to the clients. You can also register with WordPress affiliate schemes and earn commission up to 30% for recommending products. WordPress has become a world of opportunity to a WordPress developer, so do your work hard and get success in this WordPress field.


There are many benefits of WordPress for developing websites:

1. Cost effective:

WordPress is exceptionally cost effective. In WordPress, designing, development and maintenance expense is very cheap. Instead of hiring developer you can easily update the content of your site with some knowledge of HTML and CSS.

2. Easy to learn, use and update:

It is so easy to learn WordPress code through online tutorial and you can update the website content anywhere with internet access with just simply log in to your website and update the website.

3. Support and security:

WordPress is a secure support system for your websites and blogs. Support community has developed plenty of plugins, forums for discussing issues, various free online themes are available to make secure website.

4. Distinctive content and SEO friendly:

WordPress have simple and constant code for google indexing and plays nicely with search engines. WordPress follows the standards structure of markup language and a high level quality code, so it is very SEO friendly. SEO plugins are also helpful to optimize your website in more advance term. It is mandatory that website content should be distinctive and compatible information.

5. Easily Upgrade:

In WordPress community, you can easily add new feature and functionality into an existing platform. There are various plugins that you can easily install in few step by step procedure. We already explained that WordPress theme and plugins are a essential part of WordPress development and easily scale up and expand your website. For instance, if you have completed your website and you figure out that you miss or add a new membership section into your existing website. In WordPress, you can solve your problem easily to add new feature into an existing system.

6. Responsive web technology:

In recent years, this technology is mandatory for all WordPress theme and plugin. Now a days, google assesses the website and checked that is it mobile friendly or not? If the website is not mobile friendly, google has started charging that websites because it shows the lower rank in google pages. When you develop WordPress website, automatically you get the feature of responsive web design.

7. Social Media Integration:

WordPress also support integration with social network and multimedia. You can easily integrate images, audio or video files with embedded code of HTML. It also supports 3rd party platform to create your website more modernistic. There are plenty of standards WordPress plugins that add into your website for all possible customization.

8. Flexibility in customization:

WordPress development is a flexible framework which allows the developers to develop code customization and edit the standards structural design and application of the projects. With the installation of all required plugin, you can easily add excellent feature into your existing website without much knowledge of advanced code in the projects. The best thing is that all high-level plugins are also straightforward to install and easily access of WordPress for developers.

9. Abundance of Widgets:

WordPress user love the feature of customizable widget in their websites, so this feature is must in WordPress development. If you see any famous theme, you noticed that everybody must include custom widgets in their websites. WordPress gives a standard set of widgets and you can use directly with theme.

Why web developers use WordPress development?


WordPress platform is well-known for its simplicity, cheaper, easy to use and has more than ten thousand pre-designed themes and plenty of e-commerce plugins available on online. For all of you must do this, just install the plugin and pick a WordPress themes and you are ready to go for dynamic websites. It is easy to set up a WordPress website without much technical knowledge of coding. is free and open source WordPress software and often called self-hosted WordPress because you can easily install it on your web host without much difficulty to create a website. WordPress development is used by many popularized or well-known businesses and brands websites like, Zillow, Etsy, Yelp, Reader's Digest, Quartz, Hootsuite, etc. In a survey, above 75 million websites are currently using WordPress platform. The usage of this platform is more because cost of setup, maintenance is less as compared to other CMS system like Drupal and Joomla. Mostly user have some knowledge about WordPress CMS, so there will be no requirement for staff training to build a new website. Another reason is that if we need more customization or development then it is straightforward to seek WordPress developer in the marketplace.

There are some reasons why we still need WordPress developers to enhance the overall quality of the websites :

  • Some clients need WordPress customization, modifying themes and plugin development.
  • Some developers get stuck in technical coding and need help from WordPress developer experts. An expertise handles all technical coding with ease and their knowledge of experience.
  • Lots of clients want, only hire WordPress developer experts to develop their high-level websites and code.
  • Most of the bigger companies need a WordPress expertise to integrate WordPress platforms to an existing IT system.
  • An expertise has better understanding of code and user need and Only expert developer implements all the standards code and requirement of the user with 100% satisfaction which is worth for the developer.
  • WordPress developers have various knowledge and techniques of coding that assist in creating more advance websites with distinctive features. So, it is better approached to choose right kind of WordPress developer in website development.

How can I learn WordPress?

If you are looking to learn WordPress development, then you should choose right kind of WordPress tutorial which are thousands of free online courses available for anyone. They give you a proper guidance to learn WordPress development with advanced features, also earn a certificate of completion. In these tutorials, WordPress experts cover the complete range of topics like designing, implementing new features with theme development, functionality of all required WordPress plugins and managing all technical aspects of the CMS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery. To learn WordPress development is not a big task because you do not need any experience with WordPress, no coding skills is required and also do not need to purchase hosting, just simply pick a WordPress theme, install the required plugin and you are ready to go for web development . Simply to watch these famous online tutorials which is free, or cheap for everyone.

With the help of above these tutorials you can learn WordPress code and standard structure in few months, but to become more professional, requires more knowledge of podcasts, blogs, standards code and lots of practice is must. In case you have any doubts in any tutorials, you can just ask it in the WordPress support forum, and they will response it as soon as possible.


We should thank for all coders and staff who keeps up gradation in WordPress day by day and give us new feature to customize their website. In our tutorial, you see that WordPress is used for both personal and commercial website. It is a universal dashboard system in which you can add multiple things like comments, daily stats reports, recent posts and any type of updating you want into your websites. With your efforts, you will learn WordPress easily through online WordPress tutorials. To become an expertise, you should know about highly customizable coding with standards structure of WordPress development.

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